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8. Age Grade Law Variations

Rugby is a game for everyone; all ages, levels of experience and body types. Children can prosper through rugby in an environment where having fun, learning and building confidence are prioritised.

It is the responsibility of all adults in the game to create an environment that is player-centred, development-driven and competition-supported. This applies to coaches, parents, teachers, volunteers and supporters.

At Hamilton Rugby Club we
• Put children at the heart of everything we do and the decisions they make.
• Encourage fun on the pitch through realistic expectations of our children.
• Build the skills of our adults (coaches and parents) to provide a safe, healthy and respectful environment.
• Champion rugby’s core values of Leadership, Engagement, Achievement, Enjoyment, Respect.

Age Grade Law Variations (AGLVs) exist to make rugby safe, fun and appropriate for a child’s stage of development. AGLVs for mini and youth rugby are part of the Blueprint for Scottish rugby.

The AGLVs provide a playing format that builds towards the 15-a-side game and allows players to master the basics of running, evading, catching and passing the ball before tackling and contact skills are gradually introduced. The main emphasis is on player safety.

Young people tell us that having fun with their friends is the most important part of playing rugby. Expert opinion and Scottish Rugby’s own research have shown that there can be an over-emphasis on winning at the younger age groups, leading to over-playing the more able team members and under-playing those less able, to achieve results.

Changes to how and when players compete puts inclusivity and skill development first, with competition gradually being introduced as players develop through the age groups.

Scottish Rugby AGLV

Click here for Mini & Boys AGLV Overview document

Click here for Youth Girls AGLV Overview document

Mini Rugby

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