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13. Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance Statement

The SRU has advised that it will take action against clubs where there are reports of abuse aimed at match officials. Hamilton Rugby Club supports the SRU’s Initiative.

However, our preferred approach is one of self-regulation. We therefore ask all spectators to show respect for everyone involved in today’s match—officials, players and coaches.

We understand how frustrating it can be when decisions go against your team or a player fails to make a tackle. However, yelling abuse at the referee is unacceptable and shouting at young players will do nothing for their confidence and will ultimately be detrimental to their performance.

We ask spectators to remember that adults should be leading by example. Use of profane language is not acceptable!

Please support us in our efforts to ensure that the Hamilton match day experience is an enjoyable one for everyone.

Player/Team Policies

At Hamilton RFC we………..
• Arrive early so we are ready to train/play.
• Respect facilities home and away (pick up tape from pitch, etc).
• Respect Officials and never question a decision, Officials have the final say.
• Shake hands of the opposition after match and make a tunnel off the pitch.
• Are hospitable to your opposition after the match.
• Thank Officials for hosting the game.

Coaches/Match Day Policies

At Hamilton RFC we………..
• Arrive before players set up and ready.
• Greet all clubs and make them feel welcome by introducing yourself.
• Allow our players to make decisions and use at half time and full time to add coaching points (Players can be distracted when coaches give coaching points during play).
• Shake officials, coaches and players hands after the match and are hospitable in our club house.
• Pick up all kit after the game and make sure it is stored correctly for the next team.

Parent Policies

At Hamilton RFC we………..
• Support all teams in a positive manner so the game can be played to its fullest.
• Support coaches and allow them to feedback to the players. Be aware that other comments just distract our players from making the correct decisions on the pitch.
• Respect the officials and allow them to run our games. (Officials always ask for feedback for our coaching staff after the match.)
• Are hospitable in our club house so everyone has a positive experience.