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AndyChris2(Sorry, meant to post this last weekend)

Some good news on Andy Wilson, who is still in hospital but has shown signs of real improvement this week.  Andy’s mum Shirley said, “It’s been a week of ups and downs but his latest scan shows the kidney healing well, mainly due to the fact Andrew* is young and fit.  He has had a temperature for the past two days but they are keeping an eye on things closely with blood checks etc”  The doctors continue to monitor progress but hopefully Andy will be allowed home after a few more days.

Andy has been cheered up with all his visitors including a surprise visit on Wednesday from Scotland legend Chris Patterson.  He’d like thank everyone for their support.

Unfortunately, after giving it much thought, Andy is taking a year out from university as trying to ‘catch up’ is probably impossible.  He is in his fourth year and would be de

vastated not to do well.  Andy and his family have agreed that this is a lifetime decision—getting well is the first priority! 


We all wish Andy a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back at Laigh Bent in the near future!

*Sunday name!

We are delighted to announce that Hamilton Rugby Club is the winner of, the SRU ‘BT Club of the Month’  award for October.

The award is judged on a number of factors and includes:

  • On-pitch performance - not only of the First XV but at all levels throughout the club;
  • The discipline record of the club (red and yellow cards, referee reports, complaints etc);
  • Commitment to and work of the Club in developing and growing the number and standard of players, and of developing the game.

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